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How to Store Fresh Herbs

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

There are different ways to store herbs. They mostly fall under two categories: hard woody herbs and soft leafy herbs.

Hard woody Herbs

Arrange the herbs like Rosemary and Thyme lengthwise in a single layer on a slightly damp paper towel. Loosely roll up the herbs and transfer to a resealable plastic bag or in a plastic wrap. Store in a refrigerator. This technique works well with sage, savory and chives.

Soft Leafy Herbs

Remove any wilted or brown leaves. Fill a glass or a mason jar with an inch of water. Place the herbs in the jar like a bouquet of flowers. To store Parsley and Cilantro, loosely cover with a reusable plastic bag. store in a refrigerator. This technique works well with Tarragon, Mint, and Dill.

To store Basil, leave uncovered and place on countertop where the basil can get some sunlight.

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Pati Mills
Pati Mills
Aug 27, 2023

I'm in Winter Haven Publix just found this website and appreciate allot the info for preserving my

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